LIFE TRANSITIONS – Managing Change

Life Transitions assists people in going through transitions and teaching them to handle everyday changes, stress and life decisions.

Regardless of the quality of education or experience, an individual can always work smarter and use fresh ideas and techniques. In today’s world, every advantage is needed. That’s why skills that will supercharge careers and personal transitions are really needed. This power-packed workbook helps put an individual light years ahead of the competition!
The Life Transitions Workbook will show how to take charge and will teach a participant to formulate goals, take action, identify and select choices that will “jump start” career changes. It will help implement a positive attitude statement, construct a self-esteem inventory and teach participants to choose to win! The objectives of this book are to learn to recognize emotions, harness energy, learn to communicate with negative self and develop a winning strategy. Coping skills will be enhanced as a natural part of this workbook. Participants will learn to have a new confidence and a road map for success. This is one of the most important ventures in their life!