Be the agency that provides all types of materials to every customer.


Our most successful subscription service takes advantage of the latest technology, training and support to become a most valuable tool for you.

ADAPT offers a self-servicing system, charging less than a $1.00 per book with additional services available at no extra cost. With ongoing monthly service, all agency customers have access to all materials at the ADAPT Online Book Store. Make your agency one of the first to experience this new concept in providing your customers with required and needed materials.

The basic guiding factor for these customers is the availability of materials, books, workbooks, videos and presentations. The subjects covered lead individuals through:
✓ Dealing with stress ✓ Learning to make healthy choices ✓ Choosing the right career
✓ Successful job search steps ✓ Creating an effective, targeted resume ✓ Understanding the interview
  ✓ The correct techniques to keep a job  

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