The Interviewing After A Job Loss Video covers every aspect of the interview, beginning with preparing your personal portfolio, how to dress and what questions can be asked b an employer, what questions you can ask, what questions not to ask and help in knowing how to ask the questions.

The Interviewing After A Job Loss Video comes in handy when one is interviewing for a job which can often be a scary prospect. So much is riding on the outcome and yet individuals receive so little training on how to interview effectively. The trainer for this Interviewing Video effectively prepares viewers on how to present themselves in a confident, relaxed manner. This video is excellent in preparing people for all kinds of job interviews.

The Interviewing After A Job Loss Video offers insights into what employers want in an employee, tips for overcoming nervousness, and specific help in answering tough questions. More than just information, viewers have the opportunity to practice their own questions to ask employers, what is allowed and what is not.  Also discussed during this video is a topic on how to dress and rules for framing better questions.