The Introduction to Resume Writing Workbook takes an individual through a thorough process of prepping and creating a professional resume from selecting what type of resume is suitable to them to the appropriate paper to print it on.

Great resumes can open doors for job seekers. It is the single most important document used to present the skills, experience, and abilities of a potential employee. Virtually everyone in today’s job market needs to be able to create an effective and polished resume. The Introduction to Resume Writing Workbook teaches the skills of organization and producing a first-rate resume.
Readers are assisted in uncovering the specific resume style that will most benefit their employment goals. All parts of a resume are explained in detail, as are additional options that can add strength to a job seeker’ s candidacy. Tips for customizing and revising resumes are also offered. Every reader will have the opportunity to develop their own resume using these instructions. Helpful lists of commonly used words and action verbs will provide help as they prepare their own resume.