The How To Use A Computer Workbook offers A to Z instruction on how to use a computer, beginning with computer parts, functions and uses to learning how to create, critique and print your own document.

It is very important, especially in today’s age of technology, that everyone should know how to use a computer. The How To Use A Computer Workbook helps the reader understand all the workings of the computer, regardless of the make or model. This workbook assists readers in knowing everything there is to know about the computer and its many features. Topics include: what makes the computer work, basic computer anatomy, working with the computer, file management and using the internet.

The learning objectives will be reinforced in that appropriate worksheets and forms are available for the use of the readers. All exercises and forms are interactive for the purpose of encouraging reader participation. The reader will learn file management and how to create documents, files and folders as well as the basics of how to use the internet effectively.