The Discipline: Children Don’t Come With Instructions Workbook teaches parents how to deal with their children, from age 0 all the way through their teens, offering tips on how to handle difficult situations and methods on various types of discipline.

This workbook answers the question, “What is a good parent?” Topics covered are: Nurturing, Modeling, Listening So Children Will Talk, Talking So Children Will Listen, Not Taking It Out On The Kids, Emotional Self-Management, Stress Management Skills For Busy People, Getting The Children To Help, Time-out, Recognition and Reward, Skill Building With Children (projects, hobbies, arts, sports, music, and more!, Building Character And Integrity, Creating Achievable Outcomes, What To Do When Your Children Drive You Crazy, How To Stop A Fight, Screaming, Violence In The Family, Who Sets The Rules, What Are The Rules, and Consequences.